Homo Sapiens

A film by Nikolaus Geyrhalter

A 2016, Dolby Atmos, RED 4K / DCP, 94 Min., without dialogue



HOMO SAPIENS is a film about the finiteness and fragility of human existence and the end of the industrial age, and what it means to be a human being.


What will remain of our lives after we’re gone?


Empty spaces, ruins, cities increasingly overgrown with vegetation, crumbling asphalt: the areas we currently inhabit, though humanity has disappeared. Now abandoned and decaying, gradually reclaimed by nature after being taken from it so long ago.


HOMO SAPIENS is an ode to humanity as seen from a possible future scenario.



"Nikolaus Geyrhalter's fantastical Homo sapiens depicts a disquieting scenario whereby the world made by people is slowly won back by nature: it is science fiction and documentary in equal measure, equal parts contemporary and post-apocalyptic."

Berlinale Forum



Director, Photography:

Nikolaus Geyrhalter



Michael Palm


Sound Design:

Peter Kutin

Florian Kindlinger


Sound Re-Recording:

Alexander Koller


Location Research:

Simon Graf



Maria Arlamovsky


Camera Assistants:

Simon Graf

Christoph Grasser

Sebastian Arlamovsky

Thomas Cervenca


Production Managers:

Katharina Posch

Flavio Marchetti

Lixi Frank


Executive producer:

Michael Kitzberger



Nikolaus Geyrhalter

Michael Kitzberger

Wolfgang Widerhofer

Markus Glaser 



NGF - Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion GmbH 


With support of:

Österreichisches Filminstitut

FISA - Filmstandort Austria

ORF Film/Fernsehabkommen


Project development supported by Filmfonds Wien 




Wild Dreamer Award for Best Documentary
Subversive Film Festival, Zagreb (2016)
Best Sounddesign Documentary
Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film, Graz (2017)



cinema release in Japan


cinema release in Austria


cinema release in France


cinema release in the USA


World Premiere at the Berlinale Forum, afterwards festival tour: Paris, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Leuven, Zagreb, München, Warsaw, Tel Aviv, Basel, Curitiba, Edinburgh a.o.


Berlinale Forum (2016)
Cinéma du Réel, Festival international de films documentaires, Paris (2016)
Hong Kong International Film Festival (2016)
Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (BAFICI) (2016)
Docville International Documentary Film Festival, Leuven (2016)
Subversive Film Festival, Zagreb (2016)
Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Schwerin (2016)
DOK.fest München (2016)
Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, Warsaw (2016)
Docaviv International Film Festival, Tel Aviv (2016)
Bildrausch Filmfest Basel (2016)
Olhar de Cinema, Festival Internacional de Curitiba (2016)
European Film Festival Palic (2016)
Edinburgh International Film Festival (2016)
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (2016)
International Cinematographers’ Film Festival Manaki Brothers, Bitola (2016)
Festival International du Film de La Rochelle (2016)
Aichi Triennale, Nagoya (2016)
Milano Film Festival (2016)
Message to Man International Film Festival, St. Petersburg (2016)
Cambridge Film Festival (2016)
Film Festival Cologne (2016)
International Contemporary Science Film Festival 360°, Moskow (2016)
Leeds International Film Festival (2016)
Sevilla Festival de Cine Europeo (2016)
Duisburg Film Festival (2016)
Montreal International Documentary Festival (2016)
International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (2016)
Lanzarote Muestra de Cine Europeo (2016)
Festival dei Popoli Florence (2016)
Viennale (2016)
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