Flyers over Amazonia

A film by Herbert Brödl
A 2008, 80 Min.
Dolby Digital, HD CAM/35mm, 1:1,85


Flying as a dream and a passion, a job and a fate. That’s the story of pilots Nilton and Fernando, hoboes of the air.

They fly over Amazonia, the largest river region on the planet and its greatest forest, both a miracle of creation and a target of deforestation. Amazonia is portrayed in brilliant bird’s-eye-view images, through authentic characters and their stories, actors, the pilots’ voices, their thoughts concerning flying, fact and invention. A film that maintains a balance between realism and poetry, everyday life and dreams, combining them to pull the viewer into this world. 

An invitation to fly along.


Director, Script:

Herbert Brödl



Nilton Bicudo

Fernando Alves Pinto  

Volker Tittel


Editor. Script:

Katrin Köster



Karwan Marouf


Eckehard Braun


Set Design:

Buy Chaves 


Production Manager:
Michael Kitzberger



Nikolaus Geyrhalter

Markus Glaser

Michael Kitzberger

Wolfgang Widerhofer

NGF - Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion GmbH
with support of:

ORF (Austrian TV)

Austrian Film Institute

WDR-3sat/Arte, Germany

Filmfund Vienna

MEDIA, European Union


Please be aware that these photos are available exclusively for work associated with the film, duplication for use elsewhere is prohibited without express permission.
© Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion GmbH

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São Paulo , 2008
Hof , 2008
Florence, 2008
Sofia , 2009
Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film, Graz, 2009
Poznan , 2009
Gdansk , 2009
Warsaw, 2010