Kisangani Diary

A film by Hubert Sauper
A 1996, 52 Min.
Stereo, Digi Beta, 16:9


Along an overgrown railtrack south of the Zairen town Kisangani, ex-Stanleyville, an expedition of the UN discovers "lost" refugees. They are eighty thousand Hutus from far away Rwanda. The last survivors of three years of hunger and armed persecution that transpired throughout the vast Congo basin.


The film traces those refugees into the heart of the rainforest, follows the hopeless attempts of help. It goes to enigmatic places where massacres had happened only the night before. Nobody knows who was shooting.


Director, Script, Photography, Editor:

Hubert Sauper



Zsuzsanna Várkonyi

Production Manager:

Hubert Sauper



Nikolaus Geyrhalter



Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion


with support of:

Ovni Paris

Land Tirol

Land Kärnten

HMDK Vienna

BKA Kunst



CENTAUR for best full length documentary, St. Petersburg (1998)
Grand Prix , Paris (1998)
2nd best international documentary , London (1998)
Best international documentary, Geneva, New York, Los Angeles (1998)
Best Documentary Film, New York Film and Video EXPO (1999)
Grand Prix, Nürnberg (1999)
Honorable Mention of the Int. Jury, Karlovy Vary (CZ) (1998)
Don Quichote special Prize, Cracow (1998)
Mention Special de la jury internationale, Montevideo (1998)


St. Petersburg, 1998
Geneva, New York, Los Angeles, 1999
Montevideo, 1998
London, 1998
Cracow, 1998
Karlovy Vary (CZ), 1998
Paris, 1998
Amsterdam , 1998
Ft. Laudadale/Florida, 1998
Brussels , 1998
Seattle , 1998
Vancouver, 1998
Berlin , 1998
Nürnberg , 1999