A film by Andrzej Klamt, Ulrich Rydzewski
D/A 2004, 127 Min.
Dolby Surround, 35mm, 1:1,66


CARPATIA stands for a multinational territory in the eastern centre of Europe. Over Slovakia, Southern Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Hungary the Carpathian Bowtraces a 1500 kilometre long mountain chain.


CARPATIA portrays the people, places and the landscape of the Carpathian Mountains. Along this journey you'll meet gold diggers, wizards, cow herders and the old Hassids as well as gain

insight into the lives of the other ethnic groups of the region, like the Hutsuls, the Gorals and the Roma.


Directors, Editors, Script:

Andrzej Klamt, Ulrich Rydzewski



Ulrich Rydzewski



Vincent Lucassen

Production Managers:

Markus Glaser, Torsten Hektor



Andrzej Klamt

Ulrich Rydzewski

Nikolaus Geyrhalter

Markus Glaser

Michael Kitzberger

Wolfgang Widerhofer



halbtotal Filmproduktion

Hektor + Rydzewski Bild + Ton Produktion GmbH

NGF - Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion GmbH


with support of:

Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen

Hessische Filmförderung



Vienna Film Fund

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Best Documentary, CinemAmbiente Filmfestival, Turin (2004)
2nd Place, Category III. (Documentaries) - Tourfilm, Karlovy Vary (CZ) (2005)
Preis des Ministers für regionale Entwicklung, Banská Bystrica (2005)
Silberner Hirsch, Ecofilms, Internationales Festival für Film + Visuelle Kunst, Rhodos/Griechenland (2005)
Best Movie, EFFN-Award - Trofeu Marconi Perillo, VIII. FICA - Festival dos Festivais, Trofeu Marconi Perillo, VIII. FICA - Festival dos Festivais, Goiás/Brasilien (2006)
Nomination "Best Cinematography", Deutscher Filmpreis (2005)
Nominierung "Bester Schnitt", Deutscher Filmpreis (2005)
Vornominierung "Beste Kamera", Deutscher Filmpreis (2005)


Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film, Graz, 2004
Thessaloniki , 2005
Oslo , 2005
Banská, 2005
Bystrica, 2005
Ohrid, 2005
Rhodos , 2005
Lagow, 2005
Cambridge, 2005
Selb, 2005
Istanbul , 2005
Nyon , 2004
Linz, 2004
Munich, 2004
Barcelona, 2004
Turino, 2004
Jihlava, 2004
Kopenhagen , 2004
Kassel, 2004
Goiás, 2005